Long before Icephore Sanglent, Le Rui de Scareé, led the dissenting noble families of Ainasse to the professed land of milk, honey, and weak men that he promised to his countrymen, House Aiglantiere was a family steeped in royal history and old victories. Naturally, they never cease to remind their peers of this. Their storied fall from the Ainassian throne is, however, nothing more than an old story, and the age of Aiglantieran Kings was an ancient memory even then. They have always maintained the most respectable of positions- some even hold that it was their influence that led the other Ainassian families to follow the Sanglents both on their exodus and later in the Alon civil war.
Motto: "The Oldest, the Proudest"
Holdings: Whitecliffe is the center of their holdings in the north-east.
Direct Vassals: Emparenté, Conserrer, Tollhouse, and Bantam.
Relations: Have a strong disdain for Gedyrstig and Conserrer. Work closely with the Sanglents.

Marche Baptiste Aiglantiere 43 patriarch
Lady Dianne Aiglantiere 45 matriarch
Lord Paschal Aiglantiere 40 brother
Sir Didier Aiglantiere 20 first son
Hyacinthe Aiglantiere 19 first daughter
Michel Aiglantiere 15 second son