Character Types

A Mover and a Shaker

You're not just another face in a sea of faces. You're someone who influences the status quo, someone who's actions have the potential to enact great change. You're the tipping point that spreads ideas. While you don't necessarily know all there is to know, you do have the potential for greatness.

Attributes: 15
Qualities: 10
Drawbacks: Up to 10
Skills: 20
Drama Points: 20
Requirements: None

A Power and a Domination

You're at ease with your world, an ease born of experience and the crucible that shaped you into what you are. A catalyst for changing the world, your actions matter more than most, even if you don't know it.

Attributes: 20
Qualities: 20
Drawbacks: Up to 10
Skills: 25
Drama Points: 10
Requirements: Background