When the Ainassians came, they brought soldiers with them. One was a huntsman who took up service with House Gloire as an archer. After the invasion, he settled down and started a family. A hundred and fifty years ago, Theron Conserrer served as Serjeant-at-Arms for the Gloires. Upon meeting the man, the Sanglent Patriarch took a liking to him and raised him to the nobility. The Conserrers took to this quickly, and Theron's son increased their fortunes with dog breeding. The Conserrers have put their fingers in many pots, and this has led to their steady rise to power- one that the older families begrudge them. Especially the Gloires, who never cease to remind them where they came from. And Lord Colbert Conserrer? He's got his eye on a Marchdom.
Motto: "Run Them Down"
Holdings: Their seat is in Foxrun, in Aiglantieran territory.
Lord: Aiglantiere
Direct Vassals: Arleas, Castleby, Avenir, Solien, Largeshaft, and Highpeak.
Relations: Conserrer typically fares well with the Sanglents and the newer nobility. There are always issues with their Lords in Aiglantiere, though.

Lord Colbert Conserrer 63 patriarch
Lady Sandra Conserrer 58 matriarch
Sir Isaac Conserrer 57 brother
Sir Jon Conserrer 35 first son
Sir Waldorf Conserrer 28 second son
Dierdre Conserrer 29 third daughter
Anna Conserrer 26 fourth daughter
Elle Conserrer 20 youngest daughter
Sir Francis Conserrer 17 first grandson
Corey Johnson 41 serjeant-at-arms
Roove Fitz 19 bastard
Wilam Heath 18 squire
Thom Colman 15 squire