Each character has a shock value that can be reached through physical or mental trauma. The most common form in the game comes from blood loss. Minor damage represents bruising and capillary bleeds. Each instance of minor damage deals 1 point of shock. Moderate damage represents venous bleeding, and raises 1 point of shock each round. Major damage deals 3 points of damage every round.

BASH DAMAGE: Any attack made by blunt objects that aren't designed to smash your head in. Bash attacks reduce LP normally, and are the only attacks that can be used to knock out a victim.

SLASH/STAB DAMAGE: Any attack made by an object with an edge (knives, swords, claws, spearheads, etc). The damage is doubled before subtracting armor points. Edged weapons can be used to slice off heads or limbs. It is not doubled if the damage is independently Slash or Stab.

FIRE DAMAGE: When it comes to damage types, fire damage is the worst. Fire damage can scar terribly and heals more slowly than normal, at half the normal rate. A person who has been set on fire takes six points of damage every Turn until they are put out. If more than twenty points of fire damage are inflicted, some scarring will occur.

BLUNT DAMAGE: Any attack made by blunt objects designed to smash your head in. These have a tendency to go through armor.