Drama Points

Since it runs like a TV show, it's only natural to have some drama. Drama Points are basically here to help you be all awesome and…not die. It's also around in case there's a a maiden missing and you need to get this rare map which you don't know where to find but…you do…with a drama point! You know, when things turn out unusually well for characters in a piece of fiction…in order to add a little…drama.

Getting Drama Points

Entertain me, take a risk, or get fucked by me, and you'll get a drama point.

Using Them

Unless noted, you can only use one of these per round of combat.

Heroic Feat: For when you want to look cool. Or stay alive. Either, way, this adds a +10 bonus to any roll. You've got to inform the GM of this before you roll.

I Think I'm Okay: So that skinny brigand turns out to be one helluva of a fighter. If your character is particularly hurt, you may spend a drama point to heal half the damage you've taken until the point of expenditure. You took 50 damage? You do this and you get 25 Life Points back. 'Tis only a flesh wound!

Plot Twist: So you need a classified military code. For a DP, the GM will make it that much easier for you to get your hands on it. This basically covers most 'script' changes - and generally means the GM will nudge the plot in your favour.

Righteous Fury: So you and your fair maiden just saw a bolt fly through the window, but neither of you were hurt? Pan to the next scene, and your sweet, frail relative (who has, unknown to anyone and totally surprisingly) took that bolt meant for you from an enemy? Time to go beat up some corrupt nobles. You gain a +5 to all actions for the remainder of the scene. It costs two Drama points, however. This can't just be because you got angry - it has to be literally mind-altering and a tragedy.