A steady, old family known for their agriculture. They were the 'Great Farmers of the North' mentioned in the old tablets, though they live in the heartlands just south of the Sanglent lands in Alouion's center. They currently control the breadbasket of Alouion, and fought bravely against the Ainassian invasion and later in the Alouion Civil War alongside the Wyveres. They are closely tied to their neighbours to the south, the Iscealds.
Motto: "Defend the Land, Defend our Hearts"
Holdings: Located in the heartlands of Alouion, their ancestral home is Wyndnshire.
Direct Vassals: Chastelblanc, Goodriver, Geascian, and Sweetsand.
Relations: The Faegen men have spent years building a delicate diplomatic balance that make them liked and respected by all. The Faegan and Isceald heirs are fostered together at the Gedyrstigs, so there's no doubt the two families will be close in the future.

Marche Labhras Faegan 49 patriarch
Sir Cedric Faegan 23 first son
Jenn Faegan 24 first daughter
Eloise Faegan 21 youngest daughter
Labhras Faegan II 8 first grandson
Sir Mortimer Faegan 43 brother
Coolridge Thomson 51 steward