Fear Test

Ugly crap happens, and when it does - well, you've got to make a fear test.

Also, ugly things (or people) happen, and then you've got to make a fear test for that, as well. And don't try and pull that 'my character fears nothing' bullshit.

Unless you've got the Nerves of Steel quality, of course.

You roll doubled Willpower and apply a penalty depending on the situation:

For gore: -1 for some blood, -2 for a freshly made corpse, -3 for some heavy shit (eye gouging, multiple wounds bleeding profusely, etc.), and -4 for something from SAW.

Shock and surprise adds a -2.

After seeing it a few times, you get used to it and don't have the penalty for that particular type of hideousness.

When intimidated, the success levels of the intimidator are applied to the penalty of the person being intimidated, if he's successfully intimidated.