Fire Striker

With a tinderbox and firestriker, you can probably start a fire given the time. At a higher skill level, you can do it in under a minute. Intellect

Tinder Spot

You know the wild well enough to find dry tinder (in most environments) even in wet conditions. If you can find or build a windbreak, you can even start a fire in the rain- as long as you can keep it covered. Intellect

Fire Pyramid

Can be adapted to any size. Burns fast, and doesn't fully make use of all the wood. It it is very fast to set up, however. With a lean to above it, it might be able to survive harsher conditions, too.

Star Fire

A large fire arranged in a hub, usually with a second fire to keep it going throughout the night. Requires tending and at least five logs. Good for cooking, but requires calm weather.

Hunter's Fire

A smaller practical, basic fire.

Keyhole Fire

If you decide to take the time, it's a good fire for cooking with. Takes some digging and enough wood.

Hybrid Fire

A fire that will last all night if someone tends to it, though it does use quite a lot of wood.

Stealth Fire

A small fire made of nothing but small, dry tinder. It produces a limited amount of smoke, and becomes smokeless after the first few seconds. Requires a steady and constant stream of tinder to keep up.

Slit Fire

Two logs resting parallel on each other, with the kindling in between. This produces a low burning, extremely long lasting fire that doesn't require a lot of attention to keep going.

Fire Torch

Uses only one log. The log is partially split and stuffed with kindling before being set upright. Decent for cooking, and great as a beacon due to it's focused, elevated flame.