An old noble Rseidh family that fell in prominence after the Invasion, closely tied to the East Isles Trading Guild. With an eye for assets and investments, they built themselves a small fortune. However, their history is as turbulent as the coast on which they live. In recent years, Jonar and later Fredrich Geascian lost stock in the East Isles Trading Guild. The latest patriarch, Lord Grosthen Geascian, still has the respect of the nobility, even if they've been steadily losing their fortune.
Motto: "Deeds Not Words"
Holdings: Located in the heartlands of Alouion, Geascian live in coastal Gladdysport.
Lord: Faegen
Direct Vassals: Riole, Ostrey, Baillier, Calmfort, Langdong, and Holme.
Relations: Geascian are respected by most of the north and east, except for Faegan, who've called their current leader out on his many financial mistakes.

Lord Grosthen Geascian 35 patriarch
Lord Gawen Geascian 53 uncle
Guen Geascian 37 sister
Sir Ethan Fitz 20 bastard
Coll Geascian 12 first son
Lenna 44 cook