The Gedyrstigs are a result of the Alon civil war. Thenn Gedyr, a humble knight bachelor, took over the command of the Battle of Seven Streams when Lord Nash Faegen fell. A heroic and reckless charge won a decisive battle, essentially handing the throne back to the Wyveres. King Ardon Wyvere bequeathed the title of Marche of the East upon young Thenn, and the Gedyrstigs were born. The Gedyrstigs have always been warlords, and the latest Marche Gedyrstig is no different. Naturally, some bad blood remains under the surface between the royal Sanglents and the Gedyrstigs. The people, however, love them, and more lords look upon the Gedyrstig name as a natural replacement for the fallen Wyveres.
Motto: "Like Lightning from Above"
Holdings: The Marche of the East is settled in Wilkeswarre.
Direct Vassals: Moonhill, Gowell, Gloire, and Surrey.
Relations: They don't get along with Aiglantiere, and have a shaky hold on Gloire. They're close to the Iscealds and Conserrers.

Marche Granger Gedyrstig 46 patriarch
Lady Leigh Gedyrstig 39 matriarch
Kenley Gedyrstig 19 first son
Kaeleigh Gedyrstig 15 first daughter
Nash Gedyrstig 8 second son
Lincoln Gedyrstig 6 third son
Sir Godfrey Gedyrstig 36 brother
Sir Erik Gedyrstig 26 brother
Sir Forrest Avenir 35 herald