Steeped in the Kirk, Gloire has produced more Diorads than any other noble family. They were key to funding the monasteries and convents that trained the clergy both then and now. It helps that the Diorads in turn funneled money back to the Gloires, or so the rumours hold. The last Lord Gloire lost his Lordship when it was discovered he was stealing from the Crown, and the family has begrudged that fact for some time. This led to a distancing from the Kirk. In recent years, Baron Andre Gloire has led the family back to close ties with church, namely in the form of his brother the Arch-Diorad Kansinius IV.
Motto: "As the Tree is, so is the Sapling"
Holdings: Kennd is their stronghold in the east.
Lord: Gedyrstig
Direct Vassals: Monowaere, Oldfield, Hardhammar, Silken, and Bümlovar.
Relations: Tied strongly to the Kirk, Gloire is only adored by the Aiglantierans. They are typically shown respect on the surface and laughter behind their backs by the other families.

Baron Andre Gloire 57 patriarch
Lady Selice Gloire 45 matriarch
Andrea Gloire 23 third daughter
Samael Gloire 16 first son
Samkin Solivan 59 steward