When the last King, Carles Sanglent VI, needed a man on the Royal Cabinet to keep him informed, he went to Ted Holme. The Holme family has never been rich or held a barony, but it has been minor nobility for awhile now. The family has stayed stable, and has been at the center of every major intrigue since before the Invasion. Not necessarily taking part, but bringing things to light. It's latest patriarch, Sir Sarney Holme, spent his time as a Watchman in Iynchester before inheriting the family lands. It's his wife, the Lady Isedora Holme, whose mind certain schemers fear.
Motto: "On the Word of No One"
Holdings: Bakersville Castle, south-east of Gladdysport.
Lord: Geascian
Direct Vassals: Commoners.
Relations: Despite their lack of vast holdings and wealth, their word is well-respected by all.

Sir Sarney Holme 32 patriarch
Lady Isedora Holme 48 matriarch
Lord Ted Holme 71 great uncle
Thom Holme 7 first son
Isabel Holme 12 first daughter
Ted Holme II 2 second son
Jon Thornton 44 serjeant-at-arms
Onstrop Jeeves 61 butler