Born of an ancient line of lords over the south, Isceald is a name synonymous with the promise of frost. As old as the Wyveres themselves, Isceald have been Lords of the South since the children of the stars receded further into the white nothingness. The only major family who still adheres to the old religion, they're a stubborn, hardy folk who usually stay out of the intrigues of the Kingdom.
Motto: "Awake"
Holdings: Deadreach is their stronghold in the south, and the lands of the deep south.
Direct Vassals: Forwgan, Mottleshade, Anforlaetan, and Tor.
Relations: Have strong ties with their vassals, as well as Gedyrstig and Faegan.

Marche Ansden Isceald 46 patriarch
Sir Answorth Isceald 43 brother
Lady Edolie Isceald 40 matriarch
Carrington Isceald 20 daughter
Sir Ansley Isceald 19 oldest nephew
Sorren Isceald 17 second nephew
Amberjill Isceald 19 first niece
Audrey Isceald 15 second niece
Jack Sheppard 35 serjeant-at-arms