Aerial Stab

For when you want to look like Brad Pitt in Troy. Start with a Dexterity/Acrobatics and end with a Dexterity/Melee/-3. Deals triple damage after appropriate modifiers.


Biding your time, you take the shot when it's sure. This drops your turn to the end of the round. The player rolls Perception + Archery, and the amount of Success Levels is then applied to the actual attack roll.

Bow Shot

Firing your bow. It takes an action to reload, and range modifiers do apply. The roll is Dexterity/Archery. When engaged in close combat, you suffer a -2 penalty.

Brain Shot

Head Shot! Uses a maneuver of choice with a -4 modifier. Bash damage is doubled, Blunt damage is tripled, and Slash/Stab damage is quadrupled.

Catch Weapon

A flashy move that allows you to snatch weapons thrown at you. The roll is Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-5 or Dexterity/Acrobatics/-5. If you fail, you take damage.

Cavalry Charge

A devastating attack that uses momentum to its full advantage.. Dexterity/Riding/-5. Only applicable from horseback. Deals x5 damage with a lance, triple damage with a blade or blunt weapon. Also stuns the opponent for a round, if they survive.

Crossbow Shot

The same as bow shot, with a Dexterity/Archery roll, but it takes a round to reload. It's also easier to use, which means those with a different grasp of weapon-based combat can use it, too. These unskilled crossbowmen can roll a Dexterity/Melee/-2. When engaged in close combat, the crossbowman suffers a -3 penalty.

Crush Through

Using your heavy, blunt weapon and raw strength with both hands, you can crush through your opponent's defense. Roll a Strength/Melee versus their Dodge or Strength/Melee for this move.


Always a way to ensure death, decapitation uses a Dexterity/Melee/-5 roll. It deals x5 damage, and if the victim's


Disarming someone with your blade is a Dexterity/Melee/-2. Taking their weapon away when you have none is a Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-3. If locked in grapple, the penalty is reduced to -1.


Possibly the most important maneuver there is, Dodge covers almost all forms of avoiding attacks. You can roll Dexterity with the highest of: Acrobatics, Archery, Fisticuffs, or Melee.

Double Jump Kick

You must have a minimum Dexterity of 4 to use this maneuver. However you manage it, you're kicking two enemies at once. The roll is Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-4.


Like a punch, except cooler. In grappling range, roll a Dexterity/Fisticuffs. Deals Str+1 x2 damage.


Some fighters just bash through their opponents, and others, like those who use this maneuver, prefer a more subtle approach. With an Intelligence/Melee or Fisticuffs roll, you can psych out your opponent. If they fail against you with a Perception/Melee or Fisticuffs roll, you add your success levels to your attack roll.

Flying Knee

Like a Jump Kick, except cooler and harder to pull off. Roll a Dexterity/Acrobatics for the jump, and a Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-4 for the knee. Damage is Str+1 x4, with a bonus from the Success Levels of the Acrobatics roll.

Flying Shoulder

…yeeeaaaah. Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-4. Knocks people down. That's it.


Pulling an opponent into a lock happens often enough, and the roll is Dexterity/Fisticuffs/+2 against your opponent's dodge. When grappling someone, you must determine which body part you're grappling: limbs, the neck, or the body. The victim will suffer a -1 penalty to all actions if the body is grappled, and a -2 penalty if a limb is grappled. The victim can break out of the grapple with a Strength/Strength roll or a Dexterity/Acrobatics roll.


Sometimes, dirty is needed. Dexterity + Fisticuffs. Damage is Str x1, slash/stab.

Break Neck

Used in conjunction with a grapple to the neck. Roll a Strength/Fisticuffs/-1 against your victim's Strength/Constitution. If you beat his roll, the damage is Strength x 4. If this reduces your victim to -10LP or less, he has to pass a survival test with a penalty equal to your success levels.


Used in conjunction with a neck grapple. You roll a Strength/Fisticuffs, and your victim rolls a grappled dodge. If you win, you deal Strength -1 damage, and your victim suffers a further -2 penalty to all actions. If using a whip, wire, or other similar weapon, you don't need a grapple.

Head Butt

A brawler's favorite, this requires a grapple. Roll a Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-2, and deal Strength x2 damage. There is no dodge.

Limb Break

Used in conjunction with a limb grapple. Roll a Strength/Fisticuffs/-1 against your victim's Strength/Constitution. If you beat his roll, damage is Strength x 3. If this takes at least a quarter of your victim's maximum health, the limb is broken.


Sometimes, you just have pick a bitch up and throw him. You need to be able to lift the person, and pass the Strength/Strength/-4 roll. Your victim defends with a (single) Strength roll. He's tossed one yard per Success Level and is knocked down. He also takes Strength bash damage.

Wall Smash

…And I grabbed the bastard and threw him against the wall. You need to be able to easily lift your victim, and throwing him requires a Strength/Acrobatics or Fisticuffs roll. Your victim makes the same roll to avoid it. If he fails, you do Strength x3 damage, and environmental factors are also taken into consideration for damage bonuses.

Wrestling Hold

Used to lock a person down, you roll a Dexterity or Strength/Fisticuffs or Acrobatics versus his. If you win, he gains a -1 penalty per SL to all actions until he's able to break free.

Groin Shot

Grab your victim by the balls. Or just strike him there. Used in conjunction with another maneuver, the penalty is -3. If your victim has a penis, he must make a Willpower/Willpower roll with a penalty equal your Success Levels x2. If he fails, he is on the ground and unable to do anything for the remainder of the round. Females must also make a Willpower + Willpower roll, but with a modifier of only a -1. Every round after the first, the victim may make another Willpower + Willpower roll with a cumulative +1 modifier to recover.

Jump Kick

Flashy. Roll a Dexterity/Acrobatics for the jump, and a Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-3 for the kick. Damage is Strength+1 x3, with a bonus from the Success Levels of the acrobatics roll.


A basic, strong attack. This uses Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-1 to deal Strength+1 x2 bash damage.


Like a kick, except cooler. In grappling range, roll a Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-1. Deals Str+2 x2 damage.


Quick, blunt, and useful for taking people out without killing them. Using a bash attack, roll a Dexterity/Melee or Fisticuffs/-2. The damage is halved, and the victim makes a Constitution/Constitution roll with a penalty equal to your success levels.

Melee Attack

Dexterity + Melee. Different weapons have different stats.


Similar to dodge, this involves contact with the weapon or fist, though. Dexterity/Melee. -2 if the weapon is thrown, and -6 against arrows and bolts.

Power Attack

With great strength comes great twitch muscles, and sometimes you barrel your way completely past your opponent's defenses. This move is used in place of a standard melee attack, and cannot be used for precise maneuvers. Roll a Strength + Melee.


Your basic fist to the face. Roll a Dexterity/Fisticuffs for Strength x2 bash damage.

Quick Draw

Unsheathing your weapon with speed is often a must in frantic combat, and this allows you to do it without using an action. Roll a Dexterity/Melee/-3 in order to do so.

Shield Cleave

With an axe, you can deal your enemy's shield a shattering blow. Roll a Strength/Melee for this maneuver. Different shields take differing amounts of hits to break.


Strength/Acrobatics is used here to slam someone onto the ground. Your victim can resist with a dodge, and if he fails, he's on the ground with his legs grappled by you.


Useless, but awesome. Dexterity/Fisticuffs/2.


Roll a Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-2 to deal Strength+2 x2 damage.

Sweep Kick

Roll a Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-1 against a Dodge and Dexterity/Acrobatics to put your victim down. They take base strength damage.


Strength/Fisticuffs to put your victim down with base strength damage.

Target Limb

Useful when you feel like mangling someone's limb. Apply a -2 penalty to whatever attack maneuver you're using. Do over half of the victim's LP in damage, and it permanently mutilates or severs their limb.

Throat Jab

This nifty moves uses a Dexterity/Fisticuffs/-4 roll to yield Strength x2 damage. Additionally, it chokes and silences your victim for a number of rounds equal to your success levels. Each round deals Strength damage.

Through the Heart

Stab 'em in the chest. Use your maneuver of choice with a -3 penalty. Damage is tripled after armor and such.

Throw Weapon

From two yards1 away, you can stick a weapon in someone with a Dexterity/Melee/-1 roll.


You can knock a person down with your polearm using a Dexterity/Melee versus their Dodge and Dexterity/Acrobatics roll. When using a sword, the roll is Dexterity/Melee/-3 and does the same damage as a normal melee attack.

Wall Flip

An eyecatching move that involves running up a wall and landing behind your victim. Roll a Dexterity/Acrobatics/-3 for this one. Pass, and you gain a +3 defensive bonus for the remainder of the round. If no one attacks you, you gain initiative in the next round.


The mark of a true master, this move involves spinning your blade, axe, spear, or stave around to attack and defend against all comers, and multiple opponent penalties are negated. Uses a Dexterity/Melee/-5. For each additional round you keep this up, you gain a -2 cumulative penalty.