To most people in Ulimwyrft, the subject of Magick remains one shrouded in mystery. Long associated with demons and other evils, thaumaturges of the ancient Lupiaid Empire are the first recorded instance of the public acceptance of magick. Following the Empire's fall, witch hunts were once again in vogue. In recent history, the Kingdom of Balion legalized users of magick and established a College of Magick in its premier University, as well as recruiting mages into it's military.

Still, magick users are a rare find outside of Balion, and old prejudices remain. So most don't realize that the majority of mages are limited to a single channel of magick.

To cast a spell, roll Willpower + Occultism. If the success levels of the spell are equal to the Power Level (difficulty level) of the spell, the spell is successfully cast. Certain spells have magnified effects if one rolls a success level higher than the target Power Level. Some spells, especially ones that manifest physical attacks, can be avoided with maneuvers like Dodge. If the caster does not meet the target Power Level, the spell fails. This can result in a simple fizzle, or dramatically adverse effects.

Each mage is limited to spells from his or her channel, though there are rumours of exceptions. Those with a knowledge of such exceptions have made a connection between mages with demon blood and the ability to cast spells from multiple channels.

Combination spells?

primitive expressions, which represent the simplest entities the language is concerned with,

means of combination, by which compound elements are built from simpler ones, and

means of abstraction, by which compound elements can be named and manipulated as units.