Mecroire was built on wine in the mainland, and when the Sanglents left, a promise of greener fields for their wineries brought them to Alouion. The first thing this conquering family did was claim the fertile fields of the far north, and they have proceeded to build a fortune on their now internationally-acclaimed vintage. Mescroire Reds are in the stores of every family who claims royalty. With a firm eye for the House business, the Mescroire have been slow to join every war since Icephore Sanglent took the Alouion Throne. The only contribution they made to the Civil War was coin, and other families on the Ainassian side have held that against them ever since.
Motto: "A Taste for Justice"
Holdings: Willowmere is their northern capital, and the lands surrounding it.
Direct Vassals: Pinesun, Oisel, Warwick, and Northshore.
Relations: Mescroire goes where the money is, whether it's Sanglent, Faegan, or some other family.

Marche Franc Mescroire 69 patriarch
Lord Sarney Mescroire 49 first son
Lady Shireen Mescroire 49 first daughter-in-law
Warren Mescroire 41 second son
Chet Mescroire 55 brother
Sir Philip Mescroire 33 first grandson
Lady Willa Mescroire 27 granddaughter-in-law
Sir Jon Sweetsand 39 Knight-Captain