The Alon victory in the Ten Years War is widely regarded to stem from Gedyrstig's counter-offensive. What they don't know is that it was mostly due to the Death's Thieves, a commoner company sent into Ainasse to strike at it's heart. They were only supposed to be there for two months; their leader and only knight died in the first week. They ended up single-handedly ravaging Ainassian castles for seven years. Of the 295 men sent, only thirteen came back. Eight died in the year of their return, some say from peace. Lord Holme pulled strings to get their highest ranking man a knighthood and the rest were entered in the heraldry books as his family and household members. Restless without war, there's no telling what they're up to.
Motto: "We Dare"
Holdings: They have a small manor, Bonefast, in Tor holdings.
Lord: Tor
Direct Vassals: Commoners.
Relations: Since most have no knowledge of the reason behind their rise to nobility, the family is looked down upon by all. Even their Lords.


Sir Aidan Nightsbridge 47 patriarch
Brannen Nightsbridge 48 brother
Gareth Nightsbridge 32 son
Danel Nightsbridge 43 brother
Sarney Smith 68 groundskeeper