Qualities are part of the building blocks that make up your character, and are generally useful traits to have.

Acute Sense

You possess a sense or senses that are keener than average. For each level bought, you gain a +3 bonus to the appropriate sense. You may buy a level in: hearing, touch/taste, smell, and sight.
Cost: 2/sense


You are adept with both hands, and can use two melee weapons at once. This grants you one extra action.
Cost: 3


How fair my love is, in the light of the moon…and now you, too, can be pretty. This does tend to make others think better of you, as shallow as that is.
Cost: 1/level up to 5


You've got one of those faces. What faces?
Lady: "Guards! A man just stole my jewelry!"
Guard: "What did he look like?"
Lady: "You know…not too big, not too small…brownish hair…I can't remember…"

Those faces.
Cost: 1

Blind Fight

So attuned are you to your other senses that you can fight in close combat without sight.
Cost: 2

Born Tracker

You're eerily adept at following trails, wherever you are. Gain a +3 to tracking checks.
Cost: 1

Cat's Grace

You skip over treacherous terrain like it's a smooth road, and when you fall, you always land on your feet. Combine this with a high acrobatics skill and you're a practical traceur.
Cost: 1


Information is power, and this quality defines the sources of intelligence that you might have gathered over the years. Each level determines the degree of information you can glean from them. There are a few types of contacts you can have: high society, religious, merchants, military, and criminal.
Cost: 1-5

Crushing Grip

You possess a strength far beyond the norm, when it comes to physical tangles. When it comes to grapples and grapple affected damage, you treat your strength as if it's double what it is.
Cost: 2

Dangerous Beauty

You're not just attractive. You have a way about you that is threateningly seductive. When it comes to seduction, you get +5 to your rolls. Requires at least 2 attractiveness..
Cost: 2


People are like open books, to you. You're fairly adept at discerning their emotions, with a Perception/Notice roll.
Cost: 2

Far Shot

You can accurately take down someone at a further range that would normally incur penalties. In short, you negate the long range penalty. For instance, a longbow has a maximum effective range of 100 yards and a maximum range of about 160. After 80, you would normally incur a -2 penalty. With this quality, you won't.
Cost: 2

Fast Reaction Time

You're quick. Wickedly so. You gain a +5 to your initiative rolls.
Cost: 2

Fast Runner

You're quick. Surprisingly so. You gain 15 feet to your top speed.
Cost: 2

Fast Recovery

A good night's rest does more for you than it would someone else. You heal at double the normal rate.
Cost: 1

Good Luck

The Lady shines upon you. Whether it's divine intervention or just pure chance, you're lucky. For each level you purchase, you gain a +1 bonus that you may apply at any time to any roll during a scene.
Cost: 1-10

Hard to Kill

Stabbed through the heart? Other men would die, but here you are, alive! This represents your tenacity and experience in facing death. For every level of HTK, you gain a +1 bonus to your survival check and +3 LP.
Cost: 1-10


You can read and write, which is more than most of the poor can do.
Cost: 1

Long Shaft

Contrary to what you might think, this quality does not increase the length of the male appendage. For that, see this. What it does mean is that you're adept in the use of polearms, and gain a +5 to your initiative with one.
Cost: 2

Natural Toughness

You're a tough one, and take less damage than most from a beating. You gain 8 points of natural armor against all bash attacks.
Cost: 2

Nerves of Steel

You're fearless. Literally immune to fear.
Cost: 2

Never Say Die

Once per combat scene, when you've taken a beating and are below 10LP, you can award the rest of your party with 1 Drama Point.
Cost: 1

Night Vision

Your eyes adjust better to the dark than the average person's.
Cost: 1

Photographic Memory

You never fail to memorize anything you're exposed to.
Cost: 3

Point Blank Shot

You perform well in stressful situations, such as having to shoot while someone is trying to stick you with his pointy piece of metal.
Cost: 3


You gain a number of languages equal to your Intelligence attribute. When learning a new language, it only costs you 1 x Level. You are also literate in all languages you speak.
Cost: 3


Rank in the Ulimwyrft differs depending on which organization your character belongs to. This quality exists for those ranks that yield obvious results, such as those found in a military organization or in the Diune clergy.

Cost Rank (police, military, feudal, guild)
0 patrol constable, specialist, page, personal assistant
1 constable, corporal, squire, guild apprentice
2 officer of the watch, sergeant, household knight, journeyman
3 inspector, lieutenant, knight bachelor, assistant craftsman
8 detective, captain, knight banneret, craftsman
10 superintendent, commandant, baron, master craftsman
12 commissioner, colonel, lord, magister
15 chief commissioner, general, none, none
20 none, marshal, duke, none

Rapid Nocking

You don't even take the usual full action to reload your bow.
Cost: 2

Rapid Shot

You have a fast draw, and gain an extra bow shot.
Cost: 2


For every level, you gain a double bonus to whatever you're trying to resist. Choose from: poison/disease, pain, and an inclement environment.
Cost: 1/level

Shield Breaker

You're effective at smashing through shields as if they're nothing. With less than six strength, you deal double damage to shields. With five or more, each shield is destroyed in a single hit.
Cost: 2

Shieldless Warrior

For the two-hander or polearm user who's so used to entering battle without a shield and using his weapon as both defense and offense. This lowers the penalties for the Whirlwind combat maneuver by 3.
Cost: 2

Shield Use

You can effectively use shields in combat.
Cost: 1

Situational Awareness

You are particularly perceptive when it comes to spotting danger. You gain a +2 bonus to spot surprise attacks and can always defend against them, with a -2 penalty.
Cost: 2

Tilt Master

A virtuoso of the couch, cavalry charges with lances come with no penalties for you.
Cost: 2