Redoter has produced fierce warriors since they came with the Sanglents. Always content to follow, they have nevertheless produced some of history's greatest Warrior-Knights. Many Sanglent Marshals in both the invasion and the civil war won battles with the advice and strong arms of Redoter men. While not rich for a noble house, they do maintain enough to fund a small warband, which Baron Ralph Redoter has used to chase down outlaws with in recent years. Of course, there are whispers. Whispers that the latest of the Redoter line are nothing but maniacs with a lust for blood.
Motto: "Be Afraid"
Holdings: Located in the heartlands of Alouion, Colleysfeld.
Lord: Sanglent
Direct Vassals: Marsters, Thickbonar, Borean, Miesele, and Victor.
Relations: Redoter's recent policing efforts have disgruntled Greytree, Castarg, and Whitestone. Marsters and Borean have voiced issues with their methods, and only the Redoter strong arm and Sanglent influence have kept them from rising up.

Baron Ralph Redoter 51 patriarch
Sir Carles Redoter 48 brother
Giny 33 serjeant-at-arms
One-Eye Warmsy 45 man-at-arms