Renicci Rake

You're one of the Renicci Rakes, a sub-caste of distant Renaçal. Men who duel to the death as frequently as others piss in a constant show of individual skill. Where Alon knights use brute force and protective armour, the Rake uses flash and speed. Often flamboyantly dressed, the Rake is a master of the duel, and typically carries an elegant smallsword and a dagger.

+3 to Dexterity and Perception
+2 to Melee
+1 to Acrobatics and Language (Renaçalo)
Ambidextrous1 (2)
Cat's Grace (1)
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Mental Problems: Recklessness (-3)
Showoff (-2)
Unarmored2 (-2)
Cost: 10