The Sanglents have always commanded- even when the world was nothing but a string of hunter-gatherer tribes. With family ties that extend to the royalties of several nations, they have overthrown Kings, won wars with methods that remain a mystery to many, led an exodus, burned countries, and throned their own in the name of blood. Their name may lack the ancient mythic awe that the Wyveres once held, but they nonetheless command the respect that royalty deserves. They've built their base of power at Iynchester, and continue to grasp for new ways to centralize and strengthen the power of the throne.

Motto: "For Our Blood"
Holdings: Iynchester is their seat of power and the capital of Alouion, though the city still talks of the Wyveres and the Gedyrstigs.
Direct Vassals: Greytree, Redoter, Castarg, and Whitestone.
Relations: They have a tendency to rely on Redoter for martial matters, enjoy a close political relationship with the Aiglantieres, and a financial one with Mescroire.

King Jean Sanglent 61 patriarch
Lord Warren Sanglent 52 brother
Sir Peter Sanglent 48 brother
Queen Loren Sanglent 41 matriarch
Lady Samantha Sanglent 17 first daughter
Rory Sanglent 15 first son