The continent of Barniwe was settled by colonists from Bargauld some three hundred years ago. Only the colony of Msichanides remains under Balian control. The rest declared independence two centuries past, and have maintained an uneasy relationship with their motherland. Where once the independent colonies stood together, they now stand divided, each a principality of it's own.



A bunch of fishermen, merchants, farmers, and whalers who are ruled by a House of Lords and a First Minister in the style of Balion.


Once a mining colony, Dhahaglen currently maintains a robust economy due to the gold, iron, coal, and rare fish trades. Ruled by a House of Lords and a First Minister.


A country rich in tin and fertile soil, Ijarward faced a history embroiled in turmoil until recent years.

Duchy of Kashpra

A faithful fief of the Kingdom of Ahndesh.

Colony of Msichanides

A resource-poor colony of the nation of Balion, one that's seen an influx of development fueled by the homeland.

New Camlan

A resourceful country that depends almost entirely on trade, skilled craftsmen, and banking, with a definite monopoly on the latter in Barniwe.

Twin Lakes

Renown for the fish trade, the Twin Lakes is ruled by a Premier who answers to the Table, a legislative body populated chiefly by moguls of the fishing industry.