Sir Dinadan
Family: Brunor
Age: 26
Epithet: le Agile
Rank: Knight of the Round
Theme Song: We're Going to be Friends - The White Stripes
Quote: Have another drink, on me!


"Oh, yes. I know of you. You're Sir Brunor's son, aren't you? The youngest one. Yes. We all admire him, and any son of his is welcome here." Not "Greetings, Dinadan," or even "What do you want, Page?". Wherever he went, from as young an age as he could remember, Dinadan lived in someone's shadow. He didn't have his father's reputation in battle, his brother Balin's legendary ferocity, or the calm nobility of of his brother Breunor.

What he did have was a penchant for mischief and, as he grew used to the rare books he managed to read, a way with words. So when the other lads faced embarrassments in the tilting yard, he turned his foibles into laughs. No one could fall quite as dramatically as Dinadan. His good nature and affable manner made him a favourite with the peasants of Huntington and castle staff alike.

As he came of age, he was made a household knight of the Lord of Huntington- partially because of the guffaws he elicited from the old man at every dinner. His particular set of skills made him especially useful as a diplomat, and upon his knighthood he was sent to negotiate the ransom of several knights. He won their ransomers over with mead and laughter, and the knights were returned unharmed.

When others (like his eldest brother) were quick to draw their swords over any slight, Sir Dinadan kept the peace with razor wit- something which earned him the name Sir Dinadan le Agile. When the five-year war broke out to fill the power gap left in Uther Pendragon's absence, Sir Dinadan proved his mettle by securing allies for Huntington and deflecting around Castle Beale Valet save one. The Battle of Dubglas River- in which Dinadan secured his reputation as a capable warrior, despite the fact that he was often called 'The Fool Knight' in jest. He went on to fight a series of skirmishes under his Lord's command.

He fought against Lambor in Arthur's ascension to the throne, and it was here that he let some of the walls he'd built around himself fall- finally fighting for something he truly believed in. While his lack of appreciation for courtly love and chivalric pastimes earned him a small measure of disdain from certain avenues, he was recognized by his brothers-in-arms for his ability to keep the men merry.

Accordingly, Merlin recommended him for a place alongside his brother Sir Balin on Arthur's newly formed chivalric order: The Knights of the Round Table. Honoured, Sir Dinadan le Agile took his chair, though people still mention his brother every time they see him.


LP: 37
DP: 20
XP: 0

Character Type

An Uncommon Hero

  • Strength: 2 (3)
  • Dexterity: 2 (4)
  • Constitution: 1 (2)
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Willpower: 2

Useful Information

Initiative: 6
Perception Check: 5


Arming Sword +6 18 -