The Families

House Attributes

Defense: Defense describes fortifications, castles, keeps, towers, and other infrastructure that serve to protect your holdings. Defense also describes the presence and quality of roads, representing the ability to move troops and supplies to threatened areas.

Heroic Ingenuity: There are individuals who can make a difference, and this measures the individual martial ability of your family and ability to do things like pull victory from the jaws of certain defeat.

Influence: Influence describes your presence in The Kingdom, how other houses see you, and the notoriety attached to your name. A high Influence resource typically describes one of the great houses or the royal family, while a low Influence resource would describe a house of little
consequence, small and largely unknown beyond the lands of their liege.

Lands: Land resources describe the size of your House’s holdings and the extent of their influence over their region. A high score describes a
house that controls an enormous stretch of terrain, such as a Marche or the King himself, while the lowest score might represent something like a single manor.

Law: Law encompasses two things: the extent to which the commoners respect and fear you and the threat of bandits, brigands, raiders, and other external and internal threats. Law is something your family must maintain, and if you don’t invest in keeping your realm safe, it could fall into

Offense: Offense describes your house’s military strength, the ability to muster troops and rouse banners sworn to you. Houses with low scores have few soldiers and no banners, while those with high scores may have a dozen or more banners and can rouse an entire region.

Population: Population addresses the sheer number of people living in the lands you control. The more people there are, the more mouths you have to feed. However, the more people there are, the more your lands produce. This abstract value describes the quantity of folks that live under your rule.

Wealth: Wealth covers everything from coin to cattle and everything in between. It represents your involvement and success in trade, your ability to fund improvements in your domain, hire mercenaries, and more.